Maya Georgieva

Maya Georgieva is a leading voice in the fields of immersive storytelling, design with frontier technologies, and the future of learning and creativity. As the Senior Director of the Innovation Center and XR, AI, and Quantum Labs at The New School, she leads initiatives and a team focused on driving innovation with spatial computing, generative AI, quantum computing, future narratives, and speculative design. In addition to teaching the Immersive Storytelling course at the Parsons School of Design, In 2023, Maya curated the first-ever Quantum Art Exhibition, ‘Creative Expressions of the Infamously Counterintuitive‘ sponsored by IBM Quantum at the Microscope Gallery in Chelsa, New York City. In 2021, Maya designed the first Quantum Computing Design Jam for creatives and has facilitated it for three consecutive years. She has served as a final judge at the MIT Reality and AI for Filmmaking Hackathons. For Sigraph 2023, Maya collaborated with Sony visiting Scholar Keijiroh Nagano on the interactive installation and paper incorporating Augmented Reality and Generative AI: The Talk: Speculative Conversation with Everyday Objects. Among her projects with emerging technologies, she was instrumental in launching “Speculative Cultures: A Virtual Reality Exhibition” in early 2019 at Parsons’ Sheila Johnson Design Center, one of the first gallery exhibitions to integrate virtual reality headsets.

Maya is a sought-after speaker and has spoken at events such as SXSW, UNESCO, The Milken Institute Global Agenda, and conferences across the world. Maya has spoken at United Nations and European Commission forums on the ethics of XR and AI and education.